Sunday, 26 July 2015

Time Travelers In The Shield Of Time And In Death And The Knight

To prove again that the Time Patrol series is not just about Manse Everard, let us list the other time travelers in the rest of the series:

several more Exaltationists
a black woman from Jamaica, 1950
Wanda Tamberly
Tu Sequeira
Ralph Corwin
Nick the bookseller
Emil Volstrup
Keith Denison
Agop Mikelian from 1908
the director of Babylon base
a thirty second century Saturnian
Unattached Agent Komozino
a Frenchman from the period of Louis XIV
a former Chinese cosmonaut
a twenty first century Nubian (our contemporary)
a babu from the British Raj
Otto Koch, German, born 1891
Jack Hall, a cowboy till 1875
Karel Novak, Czech
a Nick who phones Everard, maybe the bookseller
Hugh Marlow
Boniface Reynaud from the twenty third century
bully boys who rescue Marlow

A list longer than expected and as always with a surprise, in this case Nick's reappearance.

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