Sunday, 2 August 2015


"The Sorrow Of Odin The Goth" by Poul Anderson is a very condensed text. Several passages summarize years of the characters' lives and their community's history rather than recounting individual actions and conversations. Thus, it is difficult to remember the generations of the Wanderer's descendants. A list of dates might help:

in 300, Carl the Wanderer meets Winnithar and Salvalindis' daughter, Jorith;

in 302, Jorith dies giving birth to her and Carl's son, Dagobert;

in 330, Dagobert leads the Teurings, including his own son Tharasmund, south;

in 337, Dagobert dies fighting the Huns;

in 344, Tharasmund marries Ulrica;

in 347, their first son, Hathawulf, is born;

in 367 (I think), Tharasmund is killed by a wild boar;

in 372, Tharasmund's sons meet their doom - that is the climax not only of this story but also of the Volsungasaga.

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