Saturday, 26 September 2015

Continuing To Reread Harvest The Fire

Recently, I mentioned the ubiquitous "maintainors." The Peace Authority can use them to spy on citizens!

"...pinniped..." (p. 80)
"'...poetaster.'" (p. 83)
"...Otterburn." (p. 95)

The corridor outside the Lunarian Falaire's apartment has been programmed to resemble space, black with stars and a constellation above each door. Inside, her "...single great chamber..." (p. 91) extrudes and reabsorbs walls on command. With such technology, does she need a "...housekeeper..."? (p. 92) Yes, but it is a robot with its station by "...the cuisinator..."

Anderson's entire text is rich with rare vocabulary and with imaginative details of a high tech civilization, in this case on the Moon. Lunar colonization is a major feature of the early part of Robert Heinlein's Future History. Anderson updates lunar colonization even though it has not yet happened in reality.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    And I'm frustrated and impatient with how little has been done so far for developing the possibilities of space, including the colonization of the Moon!

    And I think domestic servants will still find a role even in futuristic high tech societies. Personal service may well be a sign of status and power for wealthy persons of the future. To say nothing of how some will be used as trusted, confidential agents or messengers.


  2. Sean,
    Like van Rijn employing a live receptionist.

    1. Kaor, Paul!

      Exactly! And don't forget how Old Nick's receptionist was also ARMED. Just in case of trouble by one of this likable old rogue's enemies.

      And, in Chapter III of WE CLAIM THESE STARS we see Admiral Fenross content to have a presumably computer operated "robovoice" handle persons coming to see him on business. Not a live receptionist.