Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The History Of Avalon

The Governor of Sector Pacis summarizes the history of Avalon:

five hundred years ago, a Grand Survey ship discovered inhabited Ythri and uninhabited Avalon, the latter not yet given that name;

Avalon was a potential colony but too far away at the time;

Ythri, forty light years further, was good for trade;

the Polesotechnic League collapsed three hundred years ago but, fifty years before that, many could see what was coming;

at that time, a human company led by an old trade pioneer approached Ythri with a proposal - let us colonize remote Avalon under your (uncorrupted, un-Terra-like) protection;

the Ythrians accepted and some joined the colony;

Terra responded to the Troubles by imposing the Empire whereas Ythri built the (smaller) Domain of colonies and allies;

the Avalonians, as some human beings and Ythrians had become, stood together, survived the Troubles, joined the Domain and now resist annexation by the Empire.

This summary clarifies, first, that the Avalonian colony was under Ythrian protection from the beginning, from before the Troubles and the Domain, and, secondly, that some Ythrians joined the colony because Ythri had been asked to give its protection. Thus, Falkayn's aim was freedom, not a biracial culture, but the former allows for the latter.

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