Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Few Details In "The Pirate"

"Ship Harpsong of Nerthus, out of Highsky for David's Landing, is long overdue..." (Starship, p. 211)

Three words in this passage remind us of no less than four features of the same author's later Technic History:

Highsky Choth on Avalon;
David Falkayn, Founder of Avalon;
Thursday Landing on Diomedes;
Olga's Landing on Imhotep.

A mother trying to protect her child is said to be "...driven by the instinct of Niobe." (p. 238)

A planet with a slain population is described as "' archaeological and biological Golconda.'" (p. 243)

Two spaceships are called the Campesino and Genji. (p. 219)

Trevelyan "...had been living for a while at Laugerie Haute..." (p. 212)

On the dead planet, he found an "...ossuary..." (p. 238) - where people, poisoned by radiation, gathered to die.

There are a few unfortunate typos, e.g.:

"...clouds panted briefly to show high towers by a lake..." (p. 232)

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