Monday, 21 December 2015


Braganza Diane touches keys on a multiplex and the tape plays back stimuli-color patterns, music, scents and tastes conveying an abstract impression of mountains. Because genuine cold would be too distracting, she settles for appropriate colors and notes.

Nomad artists and artisans make goods to trade internally or externally. Peregrine Thorkild Nicki makes a clay vase in the form of two battling dragons to be cast in bronze, then sold or swapped.

To attend a festival that will start when everyone arrives several Alori walk for two days, sleeping in the open and not minding when it rains. About a hundred Alori gather in a small valley surrounded by trees. It is night but two moons are full. Branches, water, birds and animals make music. Alori dancers accompanied by luminous birds express the seasons, then the end of all things. Afterwards, the audience sits in silence before leaving quietly.

Poul Anderson, The Peregrine (New York, 1979).

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