Tuesday, 17 May 2016

"Blessed are the poor in spirit..."

Princess Dahut finds Fennalis, one of the Nine Witch-Queens of Ys, reading, translated into Ysan:

"Blessed are the poor in spirit..."
-Poul and Karen Anderson, Dahut, Chapter IV, section 1, p. 85.

Dahut recoils in horror from a Christian text. She protests that Christians deny the Gods. Fennalis replies that:

she wants to learn a little about what so many believe;
they must have some truth or insight;
our Gods deny or defy theirs -

- and she asks who is more righteous.

Fennalis is a precursor of the new Age, ours. We can buy the translated scriptures of all religions in high street bookshops. No one should now be uninformed or merely accept an inherited belief without inquiring further. Birmingham Buddhist Centre receives inquirers who have been brought up in diverse traditions.

For a better response than Dahut's, see here.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I recall, perhaps in ROMA MATER, how Gratillonius visited the ruins of a city neighboring Ys which had been sacked and destroyed by the wild men (Germans, I think). He was filled with grief at a ruined city which had once been as prosperous and happy as Ys. And Gratillonius found a weather damaged copy of one of Gospels, and respectfully placed it on the altar of a devastated Christian church.