Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Lion's Roar

This is not directly relevant to Poul Anderson's works but is a nuance that I should have remembered earlier:

we have mentioned the image of lion-headed Time in the Mithraic religion of Poul and Karen Anderson's character, Gratillonius;

I have likened this leonine figure both to the lion incarnation in Hinduism and to CS Lewis' Aslan;

I have also mentioned a Buddhist meditation group in order to contrast it both with Gratillonius' Mithraism and with his colleague, Corentinus', Christianity;

however, I have forgotten to mention that the Buddha's teaching is compared to a lion's roar.

Sometimes it feels that everything comes together.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    No offense is meant, but I would not have thought of Buddha's ideas being comparable to something as vigorous and aggressive as a lion's roar. I've thought of Buddhism as being more withdrawn, as being indifferent to the world.


    1. Sean,
      You are right but this comparison is made, apparently. It enables me to think of the Buddha and Aslan together.

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      Understood. It just seemed a bit odd!