Saturday, 21 May 2016

Unorthodox Tactics

Ingenious unorthodox fighting tactics are deployed in the Sacred Wood. Carsa climbs a tree from which he can unassailably attack Gratillonius with his sling but Gratillonius knocks Carsa off the branch by throwing his sword.

Dahut sinks to new levels. Her second dupe having failed, she tries to seduce Budic but he invokes Christ so, to gain his trust, she asks him for Christian instruction, saying, understandably, that she mistrusts the elderly pastor, Corentinus. Budic should surely offer to act as go-between rather than agree to keep meeting her in secret. In any case, the reader at least is left in no doubt that Dahut's intentions are entirely dishonest. She snarls and spits as soon as Budic is out of sight.

Even with friendly intentions, it would be wrong to pretend to interest in a person's religion merely as a way to gain their confidence.

This weekend, I should pause from blogging in English to read some Latin in preparation for a class on Tuesday especially since Monday afternoon might be occupied by the X Men film. I found some Latin in James Blish's Black Easter but did not pause to decipher it.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I remember the duel between Carsa and Gratillonius as well. And one point which stuck in my mind was how Gratillonius was afraid their contest would last thru the day and night. Carsa, being much younger than his rival, would be better able to endure weariness and be more able to fight than an exhausted Gratillonius.

I agree with your comments about the dishonesty of Dahut's feigned interest in Christianity. It was merely a means of seducing Budic into doing what she wanted him to do.