Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Hadding's Enemies

Svipdag defeats Hadding's father and rules Denmark. Hadding, a baby at the time, must be hidden until he can come forth. When fleets led by Svipdag and Hadding clash, Svipdag falls. Hadding becomes King of Denmark. Svipdag's son, Asmund, holds "...Svithjod and the Norse homeland..." (War Of The Gods, p. 92) but is killed in battle by Hadding and succeeded by his son, Uffi.

Thuning the Finnfarer promises to kill Hadding for Uffi but, with Gangleri's help, the Danes defeat Thuning's host and Thuning falls in battle. Uffi invites Hadding for peace negotiations but treacherously kills all of Hadding's men although Hadding himself escapes. Their armies meet in battle and Hadding kills Uffi.

Hadding defeats Tosti the Wicked in battle but the latter escapes. He returns later with a great host but Hadding kills him in single combat.

Hadding's daughter, Ulfhild, persuades her husband, Gudorm, to arrange the assassination of Hadding by Styr who has an old grievance against the King. Hadding fights and kills Styr and Gudorm falls on his sword. Leaving his daughter to the norns, Hadding, undefeated by any of these eight enemies but knowing that his time among men is at an end, hangs himself to Odin.

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