Friday, 30 September 2016

"Very Messed Up" II

Records must have lied to Cynthia! See here.

Imagine this scenario:

Keith fails to return on schedule;
Cynthia consults Gordon, the clearinghouse, Records, then, a week later, Everard;
Everard promises Cynthia that, if possible, he will return Keith to her the following day;
Everard succeeds.

So far, this is what happens in "Brave To Be A King." However:

Everard and Keith have returned to a timeline in which it is recorded that Keith did return, not alone and on schedule but with Everard a week and a day later;
Records tells Cynthia this;
Cynthia tells Everard;
the Everard who has been told by Cynthia that he will return Keith to her the following day travels to 542 BC and there finds Keith being rescued by the Everard who had been told by Cynthia that Keith never returned;
thus, Everard has been duplicated.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

If we assume Poul Anderson did not slip up here then we have to assume Everard or the Patrol goofed up!