Thursday, 26 January 2017

Rich Interconnections II

I missed several Rich Interconnections:

the Grand Survey discovered many inhabited planets, including Ythri, Gray/Avalon and Merseia;

Falkayn led the League expedition that initiated the shielding of Merseia against supernova radiation;

resenting extra-planetary assistance, the Merseians built a xenophobic global regime called the Roidhunate;

some Merseian refugees from the Roidhunate became laborers or fisherfolk on the human colony planet, Dennitza;

during the Terran-Ythrian War, the Roidhunate was a remote but growing threat;

most of Flandry's career consisted of defending the Empire against the Roidhunate;

Flandry intervened when a Merseian plot nearly severed Dennitza from the Empire although the Dennitzan Merseians remained loyal to the Emperor, not the Roidhun;

the Roidhunate declined at about the same time as the Empire fell;

thus, the long term goal of a Merseian-dominated galaxy was never achieved -

(- whereas the last time we see SM Stirling's Draka, they still aim for interstellar Domination. See here.)

The telepathic Chereionites had an ancient interstellar civilization but died out, leaving ruins and telepathic parasites on many planets;

the ruins inspire the belief that the Ancients went beyond and will return;

when the Roidhunate engulfed Chereion, the last surviving Chereionite, Aycharaych, tricked the Merseians into thinking that his planet with its intact cities and still-functioning technology was still inhabited by a powerful race;

spearheading Merseian Intelligence, Aycharaych nearly succeeded in fomenting a human jihad based on belief in the returning Ancients;

he also masterminded the plot on Dennitza and conditioned Admiral Magnusson who later rebelled within the Empire;

when Flandry bombarded Chereion, Aycharaych, if he survived, lost any motive to continue working for Merseia;

Fr Axor, a Wodenite convert to Jerusalem Catholicism, interprets Ancient inscriptions, hoping to find evidence of an earlier Divine Incarnation;

the Technic History includes other Wodenites and other Jerusalem Catholics.

David Falkayn is:

the captain of the first trade pioneer crew;
the savior of Mersia;
the discoverer of Mirkheim;
the founder of Supermetals;
the successor of van Rijn;
the Founder of Avalon.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that at least some of the Merseians who settled on Dennitza were descended from the losers in the power struggles between the Vachs, rival Merseian nations, and the Gethfennu. Some of these Dennitzan Merseians possibly descended from the Star Believers we saw in "Day of Burning." That is, from those Merseians who, however confusedly, desired friendly and peaceful relations with non Merseians. Both of these groups of Merseians agreed on disliking the rise of the Roidhunate (and were loyal to the Emperor).

That does not mean, of course, that Dennitzan Merseians rejected everything from their heritage. We see mention of them organizing themselves into the clans called Vachs.