Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Issues And Comparisons

Waging war: The Star Fox;
the Change: Brain Wave;
conversion to Christianity: The Boat Of A Million Years;
a last battle: Hrolf Kraki's Saga and "The Sorrow of Odin the Goth";
series characters: the Dominic Flandry series and The Last Viking;
Christianity in different timelines: "The Problem of Pain" and "The Word to Space";
the sun standing still: "A Chapter of Revelation";
the Incarnation: The Game Of Empire;
an otherworldly scene: The Day Of Their Return;
melee: "Goat Song";
villains: the Technic History, the Time Patrol series and the Psychotechnic History;
linguistic change: the Technic History;
"lost world": "Time Heals" and The Shield Of Time;
single combat: "Holmgang," "Tiger By The Tail" and "Honorable Enemies."

I said here that I had compared SM Stirling's A Meeting At Corvallis "with several very different works by Poul Anderson." Above is a list of fourteen themes in ...Corvallis. Beside them are titles of twenty or so works by Anderson. These comparisons are drawn from recent blog posts. As always, the list turned out to be much longer than expected.

Shortly, I will go forth from this place to eat an Indian take away and watch a dvd with my daughter and granddaughter.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I don't recall any other worldly scenes being seen in THE DAY OF THEIR RETURN, unless you meant the false memories implanted in Jaan's mind by Aycharaych.

Nor do I recall a MELEE in "Goat's Song."


Paul Shackley said...

In "Ghost Ships And An Otherworldly Castle" (Monday 27 April 2017), I compared a castle that seemed otherworldly to Sir Nigel with ghost ships imagined by Ivar Frederiksen (see link).

Paul Shackley said...

In "Melee" (Saturday, 1 April 2017), I linked to "Goat Song" (Thursday, 15 August 2013). That latter post quotes from a song with the word spelt "mellie."