Thursday, 8 June 2017

Vegetarian Food In A Buddhist Monastery

SM Stirling, The Scourge Of God (New York, 2009), Chapter Twelve, p. 300.

Potato soup with barley and onions.
Hard white cheese grated on the soup.
Warm dark bread with butter.
Pickled cucumbers.
Hard-boiled eggs.
Dried apples and berries.

Our heroes would prefer meat.

The Change has been followed by a flourishing of religious traditions. Tiphaine feels lonely as one of the last agnostics. She should hang in there. Being determines consciousness. Drastically changed material and social conditions and some accidental circumstances have revived various religions. Conditions and circumstances will change again. Philosophical and scientific truths are independent of social conditions although our ability to ascertain any objective truth is heavily circumscribed by social conditions. The Emberversers need a reasearch program to find out what has happened and whether it can be reversed.

(From about 9.00 PM today, I will be elsewhere at an Election results party.)


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    While I agree "Philosophical and scientific truths are independent of social conditions," I do not believe atheism/agnosticism are among those truths. Plato and Aristotle could work out reasoned arguments for the existence of a final, Unmoved Mover or God. But I have never seen any really convincing arguments in favor of atheism.


    1. The blog is a platform not only for my point of view but also for others if they want to use it that way. That is more appropriate and satisfying. An unbroken monologue is not a good idea.

    2. Kaor, Paul!

      And I greatly appreciate your tolerance of my frequently dissenting views. Both in the combox and my guest articles. And I hope others will offer their views in similar ways.